ZSK | “MAHALLE” , 2014 , 60 x 80 cm Ağaç baskı / woodblock print


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Painter Zeliha Sayılı Küçük signed. Certified.
Large and larger sizes acceptable, please ask. ZSK Oil paintings are good at premium home and office decoration. Seamless,

Key Features
* Zeliha Sayılı Küçük signed, who is painter artist in Turkey.
* Hand made..
* Ultra durable min 5 years usage life and fine color guarantee.

* Ask for gift notes and special texts on picture.
* Free shipping with roll, %100 safe. After delivery contact your local frame maker for assembly. (Because of carry conditions can cause damage we only send rolled box if size is larger than 50 x 70 cm.)

* Credit Card
* Bitcoin / Litecoin (Ask for details)
* Bank EFT (After EFT arrives, we start workin on paintings)

Are you need custom / reproduction oil paintings, please contact for information. Whatsapp: +90 533 457 9956