ZSK | Vincent Van Gogh Night Cafe Reproduction Oil painting



ZSK | Vincent Van Gogh Gece Kahvesi / Night Cafe Reproduction Oil painting
Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting “Night Coffee”: This painting was painted by Van Gogh in 1888 in Arles, Netherlands. This painting, also known as “Café Terrace at Night”, is a work known for Van Gogh’s characteristic color palette and brush strokes. The painting includes a depiction of people and surroundings on an open-air terrace at a cafe at night. A starry night sky, cafe tables illuminated with bright yellow lights and street lamps are the prominent elements of the painting. Van Gogh described this painting in a letter to his friend Émile Bernard as follows: “I tried to paint the real night, that is, using the blue colors found in the atmosphere.” “Night Coffee” is one of the important works that reflect Van Gogh’s artistic style and emotional expression. The painting is considered one of the important examples of modern art and is now exhibited in many art galleries around the world.

Painter Zeliha Sayılı Küçük signed. Certified.
Large and larger sizes acceptable, please ask. ZSK Oil paintings are good at premium home and office decoration. Seamless,
Key Features
Zeliha Sayılı Küçük signed, who is painter artist in Turkey.
Hand made.
1st class oil; VanGogh, Daler Rowney…
Ultra durable min 5 years usage life and fine color guarantee.
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Free shipping with roll, %100 safe. After delivery contact your local frame maker for assembly. (Because of carry conditions can cause damage we only send rolled box if size is larger than 50 x 70 cm.)
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